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Soil Analysis for Pastures

Servicio de análisis de suelos para la posterior siembra de la pradera.
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Analysis service for land for sowing.

In order to be able to perform a correct analysis the sampling has to be correct. It’s very important to send the sacks correctly marked with the name of the farm and the exact place where it was taken.

Things we need to take in consideration:

1. Inspection of the land and think about the possible division of the land in order to have several homogenous parts of it. They should be sample separately.

2. A sample will be taken for each different homogenous part of the land, which it should not be bigger than 2 hectares.

3. The sample will be formed by 10-15 small samples, of the same size, taken in zigzag, being as much representatives as possible of the totality of the land.

4. In order to perform a correct sampling we have to: a) cleaning the surface b) make a 5-15 cm hole in a “V” shape with a shovel or a hoe. The part that we should take is the central one.


  • Sand
  • Slime
  • Clay

Chemical exam:


o Electric conductivity

o Clorure

o Sulfate soluble in water

o Absorbable sodium

Land’s reaction:

o pH

o total limestone

o active limestone

Organic matter:

o Total organic matter

o Organic carbon

o Carbon/nitrogen


Primary macronutrients:

o Absorbable calcium

o Absorbable magnesium

The samples should be send to: Horse1 – Centro de Nutrición Equina P.I. San José de Valderas C/ Electricidad 56 28918

Leganés- Madrid. The results will be ready in 15 days since the reception of the samples.