Canine KD Solution - Hilton Herbs - 250 ml

A natural liquid supplement recommended to help support normal kidney function, a healthy bladder and urinary system.
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KD Solution is a liquid supplement containing pure tinctures of herbs such as wild carrot and gravel root and was formulated by Hilary Self in response to specific requests made from dog owners. This supplement should help support normal, healthy kidney and urinary function.  

Some breeds such as Dalmations have a propensity to developing urinary stones or gravel.  With modern analytical techniques your Vet can discover exactly which type of stone (struvite or oxaleate) your dog produces and make recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes that should help prevent further stones developing.

KD Solution is a pure liquid tincture product containing soothing anti-lithic herbs such as Hydrangea, Gravel Root and Pellitory of the Wall which are known for their beneficial and supportive action on the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.

KD SOLUTION is formulated to maintain and support:

  • normal kidney function
  • healthy bladder and urinary system 

Ingredients: 1:3 Tinctures of Hydrangea, Gravel Root, Pellitory of the Wall, Couch Grass, Marshmallow leaf, Golden Rod, Wild Carrot and Corn Silk.

Typical analysis: Moisture 96.9%, Total oil 0,0%, Protein 0,7%, Fibre 0,01%, Ash 0,6%.

Hilton Herbs Quality Assurance:

Our supplements contain no animal bi-products, fillers, additives, artificial colours, or flavours - they simply contain herbs or plants!

We understand you need to know you are giving your horse or pet the very best supplements available and so we select only the finest quality ingredients for use in our products. In fact all the herbs and tinctures we use are not only human-grade, but sourced from exactly the same suppliers our Medical Herbalist uses for the patients in her practice.

Every Hilton Herbs product complies with the very latest good manufacturing, safety, and quality control legislation. Each year our manufacturing facility is independently audited by the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS). This is THE organisation responsible for ensuring animal feed and supplements manufacturers throughout Europe comply with the most stringent industry standards and legislation.

We are also audited annually by the National Animal Supplements Council, a US organisation that works closely with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and the American Agricultural Feed Control Organisation (AAFCO). These two organisations are responsible for monitoring the manufacture of supplements for horses and companion animals in the USA.

How to use it:

Shake well before use. Introduce slowly if your dog has not had supplements before.

Added to the feed on a daily basis, where possible splitting the required amount between two feeds.

5 Kg

0.5-1 ml twice daily

10 Kg

1-2 ml twice daily

20 Kg

2-4 ml twice daily

30 Kg

3-6 ml twice daily

40 Kg

4-8 ml twice daily

Can be syringed directly into the mouth if necessary.

Please allow up to a month for full benefits to be seen.

In time, you may find the amount fed can be lowered. Animals are individuals, often a lower maintenance amount will be sufficient for long-term use.

Store in cool place, away from direct sunlight. For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children.

If you have any concerns about your animal's health please contact your vet immediately