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Strucomix Original - Cavalor - 15 Kg

Mix feed with natural fiber, specially formulated for horses in soft work.

Strucomix is ​​a multiparticle feed with short fiber and dried corn flakes formulated to add calories and nutrients to the diet. 

Strucomix Original is composed of natural raw materials and very easily digestible, it is complemented with Pro Yeast/Yeast Plus (patented probiotic) to maintain a stable intestinal flora. It also contains Struconcept/Fiber Plus (a mixture of patented fibers) to improve the resistance and effectiveness of the airways. It also contains herbs such as thyme, garlic and eucalyptus.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all horses and ponies
  • Low protein content
  • Oat free
  • High-fibre mixture
  • Easily digestible
  • Herb Mix (thyme, wild oregano, allium)
  • Positive effect on digestion, respiration and imnunity


By puffing grains we are able to improve the starch digestibility in the foregut from an average of 5-50% to 85-90%. These grains travel through the stomach and small intestine at a slower rate, allowing the di­gestive enzymes more time to act on the feed. More nutrients in the feed are released for the horse to absorb while avoiding any rapid releases of sugar and starch, which is critical for horses with metabolic issues.


Protein fed in excess of daily requirements cannot be stored in the horse's body. Horses convert protein into muscle mass by eating adequate protein and exercising. If protein synthesis occurs at the maximum rate, the un­used amino acids are broken down and excreted. Protein, and therefore amino acid breakdown, happens in the liv­er and the waste products are excreted via the kidney. Constant overfeeding of protein may stress the organs responsible for taking care of breakdown.


The herbs used in Strucomix Original stimulate proper di­gestion and improve appetite increasing the production of digestive enzymes that help break down feed into en­ergy. The powerful antioxidant compounds in the herbs have been linked to reducing oxidative stress in the body, boosting the body's circulation and the oxygenation of essential organ systems.


Pro-Yeast. Horses today are fed large amounts of feed concentrates, particularly sports horse and mares that are in foal or lactating. Their bodies need help processing them.  It is mainly in the small intestine that grains are converted from starch into glucose. When at every meal more grains are fed than the small intestine is capable of digesting, this step is passed on to the large intestine. Inside the large intestine, the acid value (pH) subsequently drops (acidification), causing the micro-organisms to become less active and causing poorer digestion. Active yeast cultures are the solution for this problem, as they stimulate healthy bacteria inside the large intestine and hinder malignant bacteria (streptococci). This prevents acidification (pH drop), which allows the micro flora to operate properly. Pro-Yeast provides optimal digestion of crude fiber, intake of minerals, production of B-vitamins, an effective yield of the total feed and, of utmost importance, a reduced risk of colic.

Florastimul: is a prebiotic supplement that can only be used by “good” bacteria to stimulate bacterial growth and development. In addition, it prevents the adhesion and continued growth of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall. Florastimul ensures the health of the intestinal flora, making the horse less susceptible to gastrointestinal upsets.

Struconcept/Fiber Plus. Crude fiber is an indispensable pacesetter for the intestines. Crude fiber ensures that the energy contained in the nutrients is gradually released. Health-supporting intestinal bacteria inside the large bowel transform these fibers into volatile fatty acids that serve as an energy source for the body. This type of energy, which is released slowly, is the perfect supplement for horses requiring considerable stamina to take part in a variety of horse trials such as endurance, three-day eventing, combined driving and trekking. The intestinal flora also greatly benefit from crude fiber. It has an effect on water resorption, thereby counteracting diarrhea. Furthermore, crude fiber thwarts the formation of salmonella and clostridia bacteria. The crude fiber that is part of Cavalor Struconcept originates from high-grade sources such as alfalfa stems, spelt and flax fibers.

Omega 3 Plus. Omega 3 fatty acids not only benefit humans. They are just as beneficial for horses, offering a propitious effect on their health and condition. In addition to a glossy coat, omega 3 fatty acids offer a wide number of healthful effects. Omega 3 fatty acids are immunity stimulants; serve as inflammation inhibitors; prevent the blood from clotting while prompting improved blood circulation and act as a defense against a host of allergies. This unique fatty acid composition supports the general condition of the horse.

Air-Force. This unique composition of herbs (including mint, thyme and garlic) provides a tasty mixture that even the most picky eaters will happily accept. Moreover, these herbs support respiration, digestion and the body's natural resistance. The Air-Force herbal mix opens up the airways, thereby promoting the supply of oxygen, making the horse feel good. Garlic supports the animal's health, as it is a source of allicin, a natural product that kills off noxious bacteria. Moreover, garlic offers natural protection against intestinal parasites.


Composition: linseed husks, wheat bran, barley flakes, cane molasses, expanded maize, expanded barley, expanded wheat, maize bran, sunflower seed feed, spelt, pea flakes, alfalfa stems, linseed, alfalfa, wheat gluten feed, barley, soya oil, herbs, carrot chunks, calcium carbonate, broken oil seeds, soya bean hulls, spelt bran, sodium chloride, wheat, maize gluten feed.

Additives (per Kg):

Nutritional additives: 12500 IU E672 vitamin A, 1250 IU E671 vitamin D3, 100 mg vitamin E, 200 μg 3a880 biotin, 140 mg choline chloride, 87 mg E1 iron (ferrous sulfate, monohydrate) 1.25 mg E2 iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous), 0.75 mg 3b304 cobalt (coated granulated cobalt carbonate), 30 mg E4 copper (cupric sulfate, pentahydrate), 9 mg 3b409 copper (dicopper chloride trihydroxide), 115 mg E5 manganese (manganous oxide), 9 mg E5 manganese (manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate), 115 mg E6 zinc (zinc sulfate, monohydrate), 12 mg 3b609 zinc (zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate), 0.3 mg E8 selenium (sodium selenite), 0.12 mg 3b815 L-Selenmethionin.

Analytical Constituents: 11% crude protein, 4.5% crude fat, 7.5% crude ash, 14% crude fiber, 0.92% calcium, 0.3% magnesium, 0.55% phosphorus, 0.25% sodium, 4.5% sugar, 23% starch. DE (Digestible Energy): 11.1 MJ/Kg

Feeding directions:

Give between 0,8% to 1% (max) body weight in combination with a minimum of 1,5% body weight of quality forage and ad libitum fresh water

Daily dose of Strucomix Original recommended by horse:

  • As a complete feed5 Kg per 100 Kg of live weight.
  • As a replacement of forage (hay): 1 Kg per 100 Kg of live weight.
  • As a supplement feed: 350 g per 100 Kg of live weight. Together with good quality hay ad libitum and a block of salt.




This product is considered appropriate for horses competing under the rules of FEI, RFHE and Jockey Club


Cavalor Message

We certify that all the Cavalor Products are not positive in doping when respecting the dosage as mentioned on the label.

We can declare that presently, the Cavalor products are formulated and produced with respect for the FEI and the Jockey Club rules.

The Cavalor products are used by a lot of International showjumping, eventing, dressage, western and endurance riders since many years. As well as trotting and race stables, especially in France are using our products and always passed the doping test without any problem.

All new Cavalor products are tested by a certified Doping Laboratory (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques, France) before they are launched on the market. We also declare that all Cavalor products are free from hormones.