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Happy Hoof - Spillers - 20 Kg

A new generation of high fibre chaff for horses and ponies at risk from laminitis. Contains very low levels of cereal starch and sugar.

A new generation of high fibre chaff for horses and ponies at risk from laminitis. Contains very low levels of cereal starch and sugar. 

Products Beneficts:

  • A unique, low calorie high fibre blend suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis, good doers, natives and those in light work. 
  • Low levels of sugar and starch, with less than 10% starch and sugar levels that will produce a low insulin response.
  • Contains 15 mg of biotin per 3 Kg serving, proven to support hoof health
  • Highly versatile feed that can be fed on its own, alongside a balancer or as a hay replacer.
  • With a full range of added vitamins and mineral to provide a balance diet.
  • Includes short chopped alfalfa and straw to extend eating time.

World-wide research into laminitis recommends high fibre diets with low levels of soluble carbohydrates and fructans. Trials have also shown that short chop forages take longer to eat than hay. Therefore ponies on a low calorie feed regime will benefit from the extended eating time associated with this feed.

Ingredients: Nutritionally improved straw, Chopped straw, Alfalfa, Molasses, Sunflower extract, Rice Bran, Oatfeed, Calcium carbonate, Rapeseed oil, Vitamin & mineral premix, Calcined magnesite, Garlic, Lysine, Salt.

Nutritional Analysis:

Digestible Energy (MJ/kg)


Oil (%)


Protein (%)


Fibre (%)


Starch (%)


Sugar (%)


Vitamin A (iu/kg)


Vitamin D3 (iu/kg)


Vitamin E (iu/kg)


Biotin (mg/Kg)


Selenium (mg/kg)


Copper (mg/kg)


Zinc (mg/kg)


Feeding directions:

Happy Hoof can be used as:

  • Complete Feed: As total diet for box-resting animals, lamintis or good doers (Replacement of traditional compound feed). Feed up to 2% of body weight per day divided in several meals.
  • Complementary Feed: Use between 0.8% to 1.0% of your horse´s bodyweight in feed in combination with ad lib good quality hay and a salt block.
  • As a supplement to the normal feed to extend eating time (Simply add a double handful to each feed).

The following table is intended as a guide. Horses have individual requirements that are influenced by many factors including age, workload, weather and quality of grazing/forage:


Happy Hoof (Kg/day)


If fed with forage

If fed as the complete feed
















Clean and fresh water should be available at all times.

Good quality forage should be included in the diet at a minimum 1.2% of bodyweight) of the total ration (unless using Spillers Happy hoof as a complete feed). It is advisable to have your forage analysed to ensure suitability.

It is advisable to split the daily amount into small equal meals, not more than 2 Kg of hard feed per meal. If using as a complete feed offer at least four feeds per day.



This product is considered appropriate for horses competing under the rules of FEI, RFHE and Jockey Club


Spillers Message

SPILLERS is part of Mars Inc. who put quality at the heart of everything they do, in fact it's one of the 'Five Principles' that forms the cultural fabric of this global business. At SPILLERS we are also committed to delivering quality and value to our customers and of course the thousands of horses and ponies that consume our products every day. This is why we adhere to strict internal and external quality standards. Daily quality meetings are held in our in-house laboratory where at least one product from every batch of feed manufactured is carefully inspected. This ensures that the feeds we produce meet the high standards that we demand and that you can be confident they deliver the very best consistent nutrition to your horse.

In terms of the 'official stuff' we are accredited to the following Quality Schemes:

  • UFAS
  • IS09001:20015 Quality management systems
  • Through our Mars Auditing program:
  • IS022000: Food safety management systems
  • Dutch HACCP (recognised to European standards)
  • Good Management Practices (GMP)

Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS)

A positive post-race or competition dope test is not only a disaster for the trainer or rider concerned, but also for the sport and any company whose products might be found to contain a prohibited substance. The main NOPS and their sources are:

  • Caffeine - (cacao)
  • Theobromine - (cacao)
  • Theophylline - (tea)
  • Morphine - (opium poppy, Papaver somniferum)
  • Hyoscine - (nightshade, Datura)
  • Hordenine - (germinating barley)
  • Atropine - (nightshade - Atropa belladonna)

By understanding the sources of NOPS, it becomes more apparent how they may accidently contaminate the supply chain - for example, a raw materials truck with a previous load of biscuit meal or morphine poppies grown in a garden being blown into a field of crops! This is why we operate to high internal and external quality standards in the sourcing of our raw materials and the design and manufacture of all our products. Manufacturing takes place in our own medication free facility, using quality assured ingredients under strictly controlled production conditions.

SPILLERS is accredited to the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) Code. The BETA NOPS Code requires us to evaluate the risk of NOPS contamination during every step of the manufacturing process, including the sourcing, storage, transport and actual manufacturing of our products.

Conforming to the Code allows us to use the BETA NOPS logo on our products and literature to provide reassurance to owners and trainers of the stringent quality management procedures that we undertake during every step of the manufacturing process for each product.

Finally we continue to work via BETA with sporting and government regulatory bodies to ensure that appropriate, workable measures are in place to reduce the risk of prohibited substances being present in equine feeding stuffs.

We are proud of our quality standards and are transparant about the policies and processes we follow to maintain them. Therefore, if you want any more information, the Care-Line will be happy to assist.