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Emergency 911 - Cavalor - 60 ml

A fast-acting pro-biotic in oral syringe to avoid digestive disturbance. Appropriate for use during travel or at the first sign of colic.in the internal tract.
Emergency 911 Cavalor Jeringa 80 ml

Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a fast-acting and easily digestible supplement meant for the urgent treatment of intestinal disturbances, and support of the internal system during transport. It supports the intestinal micro flora, and the digestive system of horses with acute gut issues. 

Cavalor® Emergency 911 contains prebiotics, beneficial for strengthening the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. We guarantee that Cavalor® Emergency 911 is the fastest microbial support system in the marketplace for the immediate care of gut related distress. Cavalor® Emergency 911 is not intended to replace veterinary consultation or treatment.

Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a fast-acting supplement for the urgent care of intestinal disturbances in horses.

  • A supplement designed to support the intestinal system during transport and emergency situations.
  • Helps manage symptoms associated with instances of colic by supporting the intestinal microflora, and the digestive system.
  • A great supplement for horses suffering from intestinal disturbances.

Cavalor® Emergency 911 contains balanced ingredients to support the horse's intestinal system:

  • Prebiotics to benefit and strengthen the good bacteria in the horse's intestinal tract.
  • Organic yeast extract rich in glucomannans (GM) and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) to help block the colonization of pathogens and bind mycotoxines to minimize damage to the horse's gut.
  • B vitamins to stimulate A-immunoglobulins and beneficial bacterial growth (e.g. bifidobacteria). B-vitamins promote gut health and improve digestive function while fighting off harmful bacteria.

In what stage of a suspected occurrence of colic should I use Cavalor® Emergency 911?

Cavalor® Emergency 911 should be administered during the first stage of a suspected occurrence of colic, as it is designed to help stabilize the horse's intestinal system. If you are unsure as to what stage of a possible occurrence of colic your horses is on, administer Cavalor® Emergency 911 as soon as possible and watch your horse closely for about 20 minutes. If the horse does not show signs of improvement within the allotted 20 minutes, call your veterinarian immediately for further assistance.

Can I use Cavalor® Emergency 911 in other situations besides long transport and colic instances?

Yes, Cavalor® Emergency 911 can help support overall gut health and may be suitable for:

  • Horses that develop digestive reactions due to environmental changes.
  • As an aid to balance the digestive system following any type of disruption to the horse's normal function and activity (e.g. dietary changes)

What is the difference between Cavalor® Digest, Cavalor® Vitaflor 365 and Cavalor® Emergency 911?

  • Cavalor® Digest is designed to target diarrhea and digestive issues.
  • Cavalor® Vitaflora is designed to support and strengthen the microflora in the horse's intestinal tract.
  • Cavalor® Emergency 911 is designed to support the horse's intestinal system during transport and help manage symptoms associated with instances of colic.

Composition: yeast, apple pulp, dried.

Additives (per Kg): 100 mg vitamine B2-Rivoflavine, 250 mg vitamine B6-pyridoxinehydrochloride 3a831, 1050 mg pantothenic acid, lactobacillus casei 4.3 CFU/ml, lactobacillus plantarum 4.3 CFU/ml, saccharomyces cervisiae 35 mg/ml.

Analytical Constituents: crude ash 3.5%, crude fibre 1%, crude protein 13.5%, crude fat 45%, sodium 0.1%.

Feeding directions:

Dosage per animal per day: 15 ml/100 Kg bodyweight

Store cool and dry. Keep away from children.




This product is considered appropriate for horses competing under the rules of FEI, RFHE and Jockey Club


Cavalor Message

We certify that all the Cavalor Products are not positive in doping when respecting the dosage as mentioned on the label.

We can declare that presently, the Cavalor products are formulated and produced with respect for the FEI and the Jockey Club rules.

The Cavalor products are used by a lot of International showjumping, eventing, dressage, western and endurance riders since many years. As well as trotting and race stables, especially in France are using our products and always passed the doping test without any problem.

All new Cavalor products are tested by a certified Doping Laboratory (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques, France) before they are launched on the market. We also declare that all Cavalor products are free from hormones.