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Gastro Aid Paste - Cavalor - 1 Syringe

Supplement with herbs that create a healthy environment in the stomach with a focus on neutralising stomach acid and protecting the stomach wall. Provides extra assistance for the stomach, stimulate the production of saliva and help the stomach wall recover from any ulcers.
Gastro 8 Paste by Cavalor Syringe30 ml
Gastro 8 Paste by Cavalor Syringe30 ml
Gastro 8 Paste by Cavalor Syringe30 ml


It is a nutritional supplement indicated for the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers. 

It is an ideal supplement for horses with little appetite due to gastric pathologies. The treatment with Cavalor Gastro Aid in paste can be continued with the treatment with Cavalor Gastro Aid powder or be used for long periods of time (1 syringe per day). Cavalor Gastro Aid pasta is administered orally.

Anyone related to horses knows the delicacy of their intestines; The pathologies of the small and large intestine are well known and treated routinely. However, it may be surprising that the stomach can often be affected.

The incidence of gastric ulcers is very high, especially in competition horses. Several studies (post mortem and gastrointestinal endoscopy in vivo) show that between 75-89% of horses in training suffer from gastric ulcers. The main cause of gastric ulcers is prolonged exposure of the squamous mucosa, from the stomach, to gastric acid. Sage represents the only protection the horse's stomach has against gastric acids and pepsins. Grain-based feeding or long periods of fasting can cause excessive gastric acid secretion without adequate saliva production. Intense exercise increases the production of acid in the stomach, causing the squamous mucosa to be in greater contact with such acid production. Horses with gastric ulcers may suffer symptoms such as decreased physical performance, poor character, dull fur, bruxism (grinding teeth), selective food, weight loss, etc.

The treatment of gastric ulcers involves the inhibition of gastric secretion, neutralizing the acid produced or protecting the squamous mucosa from acid secretion.

Cavalor Gastro Aid provides the necessary nutritional tools to neutralize acid secretion and stimulate the regeneration of gastric mucosa. It also protects the different levels of the mucosa through various nutritional approaches (like any Cavalor product).

Composition: Inactivated yeast, glycyrrhiza glabra, zingiber officinalis, gentiana lutea, melissa officinalis, centaurium erythrea, maltodextrine, sodium chloride, dextrose.

Analytical constituents: crude protein 17%, crude fat 1.5%, crude ash 7%, crude fiber 10%, sodium 0.5%

Feeding directions:

Days 1 to 5 of treatment: 2 syringes / day.

Days 6 to 10 of treatment: 1 syringe / day.

Subsequently, treatment can be continued with the use of Cavalor Gastro Aid powder.





This product is considered appropriate for horses competing under the rules of FEI, RFHE and Jockey Club


Cavalor Message

We certify that all the Cavalor Products are not positive in doping when respecting the dosage as mentioned on the label.

We can declare that presently, the Cavalor products are formulated and produced with respect for the FEI and the Jockey Club rules.

The Cavalor products are used by a lot of International showjumping, eventing, dressage, western and endurance riders since many years. As well as trotting and race stables, especially in France are using our products and always passed the doping test without any problem.

All new Cavalor products are tested by a certified Doping Laboratory (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques, France) before they are launched on the market. We also declare that all Cavalor products are free from hormones.