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Hooflex Frog & Sole Care - Absorbine - 355 ml

Highly effective treatment that kills bacteria and fungi and helps eliminate odors caused by these agents.

Hooflex® Frog & Sole Care is a highly effective treatment that kills and prevents bacteria and fungi that cause Thrush and White Line Disease.

This antibacterial and antifungal liquid is thrust-preventing, supports the detachment of damaged tissue, eliminates odours and will help maintaining clean and healthy hooves to ensure horse’s soundness.

Symptoms of thrust include thick black discharge around the frog, accompanied by a foul odor. White line disease is an infection that begins at the hoof sole’s white line and extends upward into de hoof wall. Cavities form in the hoof wall and emit a foul odor.

  • Contains ingredients that efficiently promote normal healing and support healthy hoof growth.
  • Easily applied with the squeeze applicator, which is specifically designed to reach deep into the frog where thrush organisms breed
  • Clear formula does not sting, stain, or dry out hoof
  • Eliminates the foul odour associated with embedded bacteria and fungi without irritating
  • Does not contain formaldehyde or copper sulphate.

Active ingredients:

Chloroxylenol 5.0 %, Alcloxa 0.25 %

Inactive ingredients:

Propylene glycol, Terpineol, Water

Directions to use:

No shaking necessary.

  1. Clean hoof thoroughly.
  2. If necessary seek help of a farrier or veterinarian to remove unhealthy tissue.
  3. Saturate the frog and sole, including clefts of frog, holes and cracks, with the product twice daily for three days for active infections, then twice daily until the hoof has been fully conditioned.
  4. For maintenance, treat twice weekly.