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Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner - Absorbine - 450 ml

Easy-to-apply liquid that creates a breathable moisture barrier to help maintain a long-lasting moisture balance protecting against drying and cracking and helps support strong healthy hooves

This easy to apply all weather brush-on formula is specifically formulated to protect against drying and cracking by creating a breathable moisture barrier to maintain long-lasting moisture balance and support hoof flexibility and shock absorbance.

Key features:

  • Leaves a healthy shine and works as an excellent show dressing
  • Brush-in-cap applicator makes application fast and keeps hands clean
  • Treats brittle hooves
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal agents to help prevent infection
  • Works in wet and dry conditions

Ideal for everyday use.


Mineral oil, bubulum oil, lanolin, petrolatum, turpentine, pinus palustries wood tar, chloroxylenol, rosin, paraffin.

Directions to use:

  1. Clean hoof thoroughly.
  2. Apply dressing liberally with brush to hoof wall, frog and sole to maintain moisture balance.

For external use on animals only.