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Hoof Care

At Horse1 we won’t sell any products that are not appropriate for use for horses competing under FEI or Jockey Club Rules.
We don’t want that sort of product in our warehouse. And we check.
It's that simple.

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Kentucky Hoof Oil - Foran - 2 L

Premium quality hoof oil to aid hoof health and shine. The ...

Tamaños disponibles:

Hoofcare - Plusvital - 1 L

A unique blend of oils and resins designed to maintain the ...


SuperShine Black - Absorbine - 237 ml

Black hoof polish and sealer with a quick-drying formula ...


Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner - Absorbine - 450 ml

Easy-to-apply liquid that creates a breathable moisture ...


Hooflex Natural Dressing + Conditioner - Absorbine - 444 ml

All- natural herbal based hoof care alternative containing ...


Hooflex Frog & Sole Care - Absorbine - 355 ml

Highly effective treatment that kills bacteria and fungi ...


Black Hoof Grease - Ad Equum - 10 L

Traditional black hoof grease with pine oil, essence of ...


Transparent Hoof Grease - Ad Equum - 10 L

Traditional transparent hoof grease with pine oil, essence ...


Hoof & Sole - NAF - 1L

A topical, fast acting application for cracked hooves and ...


Flexi Hoof & Heel Conditioner - Foran - 500 g

Rich nourishing conditioner cream to maintain hoof ...


Podoguard - Cavalor - 500 ml

Unique blend of essential oils to promote healthy hoof ...


SoleMate - Cavalor - 1.6 Kg

Hoof packing for stone bruises or sore feet. It helps to ...


PodoSens – Cavalor – 500 ml

A unique blend of essential oils that provides quick relief ...


Dry Feet Natural - Cavalor - 250 ml spray

An easy to use, highly effective spray to keep the sole dry ...