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Fly Repellents

At Horse1 we won’t sell any products that are not appropriate for use for horses competing under FEI or Jockey Club Rules.
We don’t want that sort of product in our warehouse. And we check.
It's that simple.

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Fly Repel - Equine America - 750 ml

Super strong silent spray containing Citrepel and other ...


Horslyx Garlic

A palatable, nutrient rich lick containing optimum amounts ...

Tamaños disponibles:

Ticks-Off - Hilton Herbs - 946 ml

Pestide free conditioner for horses and dogs that makes ...


Stinger Fly & Insect Repellent – Equine America – 750 ml

An effective spray for the relief of flying and biting ...


Garlic Granules 1 Kg

Trusted by you, chosen by us, 100% pure garlic granules. A ...

Tamaños disponibles:

Bye Bye Fly - Hilton Herbs -

Pure cold pressed garlic

Tamaños disponibles:

Pro Scent - Cavalor - 500 ml

Topical that helps to protect your horse against ...


Fly Less – Cavalor – 500 ml

The instant fly fighter. Non sticky, non-greasy formula. ...