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Seeds for Pastures

Which are the best seeds for your pasture? When you want to seed a pasture for grazing or for hay production, the selection of the combination of seeds will depend on the type of horse that will be using the pasture, the climate, rainfall and type of soil. You will have to observe if the pasture is mostly in directly sunlight or shade, if there will be many animals using it, if you will want to use it for gallops etc. You need to select the combination of seed that will best suit you.
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SOS Prados - 25 Kg

A combination of seeds for different fast growing plants ...


Seeds mix for hay production - 25 Kg

A combination of seeds for hay production and long term ...


Breeding Seed mix - 25 Kg

A combination of highly nutritious plants appropriate for ...


Drought-resistant Seed Mix - 25 Kg

Mezcla de semillas para zonas con menos agua y con mayor ...


Seed mix for horse hay production - 25 Kg

Combination of pasture seeds for hay production especially ...