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Senior Conditioning Mix - Spillers - 20 Kg

Highly effective conditioner mix feed which exactly meets the nutritional needs of the senior horse requiring extra calories to help build and maintain condition and topline.
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Senior Conditioning Mix is a highly effective conditioner which exactly meets the nutritional needs of the senior horse requiring extra calories to help build and maintain condition and topline.  

Ideal for active senior horses

Ideal for those in retirement that have difficulty in holding weight or for those that drop weight in the Winter

Contains easily digested steam flaked cereals and soya oil for conditioning power, on a base of highly digestible fibre

Small size particles for easy chewing by horses with poor teeth

Joint Support: Glucosamine hydrochloride is included to help support joint mobility. Just 2kg of SPILLERS ® Senior feeds supplies 4g per day of glucosamine hydrochloride, equivalent to that supplied by some joint supplements

Quality Protein: An excellent amino acid profile is included to support muscle tone and topline.

Chelated Minerals: Selenium, manganese, copper and zinc are chelated for better absorption and to support hoof health.

Digestive Support: Yea-Sacc 1026 is included to support fibre digestion in the hind gut and to help maintain gut health.

Antioxidants: A high level of Vitamin E and chelated selenium are included to help support the immune system and maintain a healthy antioxidant status.

B vitamins: Fully fortified with B vitamins, as production in the gut may be impaired.

Rapeseed Oil: For coat condition

Ingredients: Flaked barley, Wheatfeed, Sunflower extract, Oatfeed, Flaked maize, Molasses, Flaked peas, Rice bran, Rapeseed oil, Calcium carbonate, Salt, Vitamin & mineral premix, Vitamin E, Glucosamine HCL, Di calcium phosphate, Lysine, Live yeast.

Nutritional Specification


Digestible Energy (MJ/kg)


Oil (%)


Protein (%)


Fibre (%)


Starch (%)


Sugar (%)


Vitamin A (iu/kg)


Vitamin D3 (iu/kg)


Vitamin E (iu/kg)


Selenium (mg/kg)


Copper (mg/kg)


Zinc (mg/kg)


Feeding instructions:

Use between 0.8% to 1.0% of your horse´s bodyweight in feed in combination with ad lib good quality hay and a salt block

For advice about how to manage long competition seasons and travel to guarantee your horse’s performance, contact your nutritionist at Horse1 or Spillers.