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Kentucky Sport Plus - KER -

A complete pelleted feed designed to meet the specific nutrient needs of horses in Light to Medium work. This concentrate has been formulated by Kentucky Equine Research.
Tamaños disponibles:

Feed for sport horses in light to medium work and competition 

Kentucky Sport Plus has been developed by Horse1 and Kentucky Equine Research using different energy sources to provide a balanced and healthy diet.

Kentucky Sport Plus is an excellent energy source. Over 25 vitamins and chelated minerals including folic acid, biotin and vitamin B have been added to make this an exceptional feed. Kentucky Sport Plus has been manufactured in pellets to maximize digestibility. The pellet presentation is also optimal for hot climactic conditions.

Ingredients: Barley, wheat, alfalfa meal, corn (3), roasted soybean meal (2), cane molasses, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, soybean vegetable oil (2).

(2) Produced from genetically modified soya beans 

(3) Genetically modified corn.

Nutritional Additives per kg:


  • 3a672a Vitamin A 8800 UI
  • 3a671 Vitamin D3 880 UI
  • 3a700 vitamin E 79.2 mg

Trace Elements:

·         3b503 Manganese 39.7 mg (manganous sulfate monohydrate)

·         3b506 Manganese 9.9 mg (Mannose chelate of glycine hydrate)

·         3b104 Iron 32 mg (iron (II) sulphate heptahydrate)

·         3b605 Zinc 70.4 mg (zinc sulfate monohydrate)

·         3b 607 Zinc 17.6 mg (zinc chelate glycine hydrate)

·         3b201 Iodine 0.4 mg (potassium iodide)

·         E8 Selenium 0.4 mg (sodium selenite)

·         3b405 Copper 24 mg (copper sulfate pentahydrate)

·         3b405 Copper 6 mg (copper chelate of hydrated amino acids)

·         3b301 Cobalt 0.08 mg (cobalt acetate tetrahydrate)

Nutritional Specification


Oil (%)


Protein (%)


Fibre (%)


Ash (%)


Sodium (%)


Feeding Directions:

Recommended ration 0.8% bodyweight with a mínimum of 1.5% bodyweight in forage


Kentucky Range Message checkmark

All the ingredients included in the formulations are accepted by the FEI and the Jockey Club but the products themselves are not subjected to analysis that guarantees the absence of naturally occurring doping substances after production.

Although the risk of giving a positive doping for any of these pollutants is low, we recommend using products with a higher level of control for national and international competition where your horse can be subjected to anti-doping.


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