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Kentucky Sport Mix – KER 20 Kg.


Delicious mix feed for horses in medium work and competition
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Sales price 17,48 €
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 Delicious mix feed for horses in medium work and competition


Ingredients include: spelt and alfalfa with all the essential amino acids to guarantee an exceptional protein quality that will help your horse gain muscle mass and remarkable fitness. The combination of energy sources of starch, fiber and oil will provide the explosive energy needed for serious work, even during long competition seasons. Delicious barley and corn flakes, puffed wheat and roasted soy flakes are added for the pickiest eater. Exception quality fiber included in the feed lengthens chewing time and thus reduces the risk of gastric ulcers. 

As with the entire Kentucky feed line, we use the Kentucky Equine Research (www.ker.com) nutrient premix, specifically for sport horses that guarantees the best absorption of nutrients. 

Instructions for use and presentation:

Provide between 0.8 to 1% of the live weight of the horse per day in several feedings in combination with a minimum of 1.2% of the live weight in good quality clean forage with water ad libitum. 

Kentucky Sport Mix comes in a 20 kg bag


Flaked barley, bran granules, flaked corn, oat hulls, alfalfa granules, barley, roasted soybeans, spelt, fiber pellets, soybean oil, molasses, salt, calcium phosphate

Anti-doping guarantee:

This feed is manufactured with stringent controls to prevent contamination by prohibited substances that sometimes come unintentionally from the raw material.

This feed is appropriate for horses that compete under the rules of the RFHE, FEI and Jockey Club.

Technical data:

VEP (Energy) 738,375
Starch 31%
Crude Protein 11%
Fat 4%
Gross Fiber 13.5%
Ash 5%
Calcium 0.7%
Phosphorus 0.5%
Sodium 0.2%
Vitamin A 11600 IU
Vitamin D3 1160 IU
Vitamin E 115 mg
Iron 42.5 mg
Copper 31.7 mg
Zinc 89.6 mg
Manganese 55.15 mg
Selenium 0.50 mg
Iodine 0.50 mga