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Haylage is simply long fibre hay with approximately 40% moisture content and packaged in plastic under controlled conditions. The process of packaging the product, adjusts the pH and preserves the quality and nutritional levels of the forage. Each plastic bale weighs approximately 20 kg. Haylage is used as a hay and fibre source in the diet.

Good quality haylage is more nutritious than normal dried hay and does not contain spores that can irritate the respiratory tract. Haylage prevents dehydration because of its natural water content and is also naturally low in sugar. Because the hay is cut earlier, it is more digestible than other sources of dried long-stem forrage.This makes haylage a great product to use when travelling with your horses or for horses on box rest.

If you use haylage as the only forage source, we recommend providing your horse with 1.5 % of body weight. A 600 Kg horse should then receive 9 kilos. You can also mix haylage with dried hay to increase the nutritional value and keep the horse entertained with a varied source of forages. Haylage should be used within 4 days of opening the bag and you should never use haylage that is not of the very best quality.

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Equi-Haylage - Robinson’s Farms - 20 Kg

Robinson Farms haylage, EQUIHAYLAGE, is a convenient dust ...