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Hay and forage replacers

If your horse can't chew hay, for whatever reason, be it his teeth are worn from age, fractured jaw or he is prone to choke, you need a hay replacer. Here at Horse1, we want to provide the best nutritional solutions. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information or nutritional advice.
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High Fibre Cubes - Spillers - 20 Kg

A complete pelleted feed for horses at rest, undergoing ...


Happy Hoof - Spillers - 20 Kg

A new generation of high fibre chaff for horses and ponies ...


Strucomix Original - Cavalor - 15 Kg

Mix feed with natural fiber, specially formulated for ...


FiberForce - Cavalor - 15 Kg

A very palatable chaff with fiber pellets, high-fiber, low ...


Happy Hoof Molasses Free - Spillers - 20 Kg

A unique low calorie fibre blend suitable for horses and ...