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Haynet Elim-A-Net - KM Elite

Haynet with a inner net design

Much more than your average haynet!

The 'Inner Net Design'™ creates a physical barrier which alters the shape and size of the holes compared to a standard haynet to prevent rapid forage consumption and over eating.

Elim-a-Net is a MUST for every horse owner looking to encourage a slower, more natural eating pattern.  Elim-a-Net™ is an ideal solution for feeding a greedy or overweight equine, horses and ponies suffering from/prone to laminitis or prone to weight related conditions, as well as easing boredom and helping to alleviate vices in horses stabled for longer periods of time and horses on box rest.

Elim-a-Net is suitable for use with hay and haylage.  When used it has already been seen to offer a host of benefits including:

  • §  Regulates forage consumption
  • §  Maintains a healthy digestive system
  • §  Prolongs feeding time
  • §  Eliminates the need for double netting
  • §  Prevents overfeeding
  • §  Less waste
  • §  Less mess
  • §  Cost effective
  • §  Prepare in advance
  • §  Perfect for use in the stable, field or horsebox/tráiler


Loop hanging rope through BOTTOM RING and tie with a quick release knot