Digest Aid - Cavalor - 800 g

Ideal for horses with a sensitive digestive system. Promotes and strengthens beneficial intestinal flora.
Digest EM by Cavalor 800 gDigest_4bed4aaad0958.png

Unique and multidisciplinary approach to optimize digestion and improve intestinal health. 

It helps strengthen the intestinal flora. CavalorĀ® Digest Aid is ideal for horses with a sensitive digestive system. Promotes and strengthens the intestinal flora. A good function of the intestinal flora is essential for the horse's health.

Digest Aid improves digestion and restores gut flora, protecting against digestive problems. Furthermore, it binds, traps and inactivates mycotoxins.

It provides a unique and multidisciplinary approach to optimize digestion and to improve gut health and gut flora by providing a variety of nutrients and nutraceuticals (living yeast culture, herbs, activated carbon, etc.). Digest Aid can also be used in the dietary management of horses associated with gastrointestinal disturbances.

Composition and safety of the product:

Digest Aid contains different active ingredients with different modes of action to increase digestion, improve gut health and gut flora, and reduce the risk of mycotoxicosis. It contains living yeast cultures both positively influencing digestion and nutrient absorption. Activated carbon and bentonites that act as mycotoxin-binding agents by adsorption on their surface are included to reduce mycotoxin risk. Digest Aid contains the amino acid methionine to support the suggested benefit of supplementing this amino acid during mycotoxicosis. It contains choline chloride, which has a "methionine saving effect" and plays a role in fat metabolism. A variety of herbs as oregano, anise, melissa and cumin have been added to enhance the digestibility of the ration and improve palatability.

What are the effects of mycotoxins and the general symptoms of mycotoxicosis?

Mycotoxins are substances produced by specific fungi. These fungi grow on live and / or stored plants. The formation of mycotoxins is practically inevitable, especially in humid conditions. Due to the large amount of food that must be stored and distributed in establishments, there is a high percentage of risk of fungal growth, especially when it is not possible to reduce food in cool and dry places (especially in countries with mild and humid climate ) These mycotoxins, consumed in a single high dose or small repeated doses over time, can cause adverse effects on the performance, reproductive capacity and / or general health of horses.

  • Decrease in the volume of food intake.
  • High incidence of digestive or hepatic disorders (equine leukoencephalomalacia).
  • High incidence of diseases associated with immunosuppression.
  • High rate of fertility problems without apparent involvement of infectious agents.
  • Animals that do not respond well to treatments.

There are many types of molds that produce many varieties of mycotoxins, which cause different diseases. Only a few mycotoxins have been related to food transmission and their potential impact on animal health is yet to be determined. The risk of intoxication by some mycotoxins, such as Fumonisin-B1 and Aflatoxin-B1, and to a lesser extent Lolitrem-B, can be reduced with dietary treatments.

Composition: wheat, inactive yeast, mixture of herbs (the exact composition can be obtained from the producer).

Additives (per Kg): Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CBS 493.94) 2.50 x 107 CFU / g

Analytical components: 33% crude ash, 3.7% crude fiber, 11% crude protein, 5.6% crude fat, 1.5% methionine, 0.5% sodium

Instructions for use:

Mix in the daily diet

  • Horses 45g
  • Ponies 30 g

1 measure: 15 g

Maximum daily dose per horse: 75g

Administered for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 42 days

Store dry and cool and keep out of reach of children. For equine use only




This product is considered appropriate for horses competing under the rules of FEI, RFHE and Jockey Club


Cavalor Message

We certify that all the Cavalor Products are not positive in doping when respecting the dosage as mentioned on the label.

We can declare that presently, the Cavalor products are formulated and produced with respect for the FEI and the Jockey Club rules.

The Cavalor products are used by a lot of International showjumping, eventing, dressage, western and endurance riders since many years. As well as trotting and race stables, especially in France are using our products and always passed the doping test without any problem.

All new Cavalor products are tested by a certified Doping Laboratory (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques, France) before they are launched on the market. We also declare that all Cavalor products are free from hormones.