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Pro Scent - Cavalor - 500 ml

Topical that helps to protect your horse against uncontrollable itching and helps prevent sweet itch, including rubbing of the tail not related to parasites.

Cavalor® ProScent is a "naturally protecting horse deodorant". The pleasant fragrance makes sure flies, bugs and all flying insects stay away. 
This product is 100% natural, no biocide and no ADR.

Spring and its gorgeous weather; so blissful! It’s the perfect time to go out and explore nature with the horses, but flies, horseflies, mosquitoes and other insects also feel the same way. Cavalor® ProScent gives off a lovely scent that neutralises the horse’s odour and that of its sweat, which are unfortunately very appealing to insects. It provides natural, effective protection. Ideal for those springtime rides!

Naturally effective

  • Our love for the power of nature is no secret. What’s more, plants and their active components have been in use since ancient times in medicines, skincare products, perfumes and insecticides.
  • Cavalor® ProScent is a brand-new blend of essential oils that acts to neutralise your horse’s natural body odour. It has a lovely fresh botanical scent, or in any case that’s how it smells to us humans. However, that's not the only reason we opted for oils such as Lemon Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lavender.
    • Lemon Eucalyptus (Corymbia citriodora) contains citriodiol, a component with a strong odour that naturally repels mosquitoes and other flying insects. It is often used as a safe and efficient alternative to DEET.
    • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is widely used for its scent. It contains geraniol, an active ingredient that has a soothing effect on the skin and also acts as an insect repellent.
    • As well as keeping the horse’s coat healthy, according to recent studies Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) also has insect-repellent properties. That means Cavalor® ProScent not only camouflages the odour of horses and their sweat, it also contains fragrances to actively help keep insects at a distance, reducing your and your horse’s irritation.
  • In addition to its fresh scent, Cavalor® ProScent protects against other skin infections and keeps the horse’s coat shiny and healthy.

Happy, healthy horses

  • We like to put your and your horse’s well-being first. A survey of Cavalor® ProScent users led us to conclude that they consider the product to have a very pleasant smell and to be effective in use while riding, out at pasture or in the barn.
  • Respondents gave Cavalor® ProScent an average score of 86% and would certainly recommend it to friends or acquaintances.

Contains: coymbia citriodora, Lavandula angustifolia, Malaleuca alternifolia.

Instructions for use: Shake before use. Spray Cavalor® ProScent on the horse’s coat to neutralise its odour and that of its sweat.

For external use only. Warning: may cause an allergic skin reaction. Avoid contact with eyes. IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH EYES: rinse carefully with water for several minutes, remove contact lenses if possible and continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children.




This product is considered appropriate for horses competing under the rules of FEI, RFHE and Jockey Club


Cavalor Message

We certify that all the Cavalor Products are not positive in doping when respecting the dosage as mentioned on the label.

We can declare that presently, the Cavalor products are formulated and produced with respect for the FEI and the Jockey Club rules.

The Cavalor products are used by a lot of International showjumping, eventing, dressage, western and endurance riders since many years. As well as trotting and race stables, especially in France are using our products and always passed the doping test without any problem.

All new Cavalor products are tested by a certified Doping Laboratory (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques, France) before they are launched on the market. We also declare that all Cavalor products are free from hormones.